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Why use SmartOKR?

SmartOKR keeps your team on the most important outcomes. Instead of the heap of messages, long emails, and endless meetings – focus on what matters the most. Identify the right objectives to work on and focus execution on measurable outcomes. Build transparency and alignment across all your teams via OKRs and check-ins toolkit.

Keep your team in sync

SmartOKR allows your team stay in sync with daily standups and weekly updates

Build a high-performance culture

Simplify communication across timezones and automate managing processes, so your people can perform better

Appreciate top achievers

SmartOKR makes the process of employees recognition easy and ensures it becomes a regular habit

Step 1: Set OKRs

Set Objectives and Key Results to create transparency across the company. Identify the right goals to work on and focus execution on measurable outcomes. Stay on top of what’s important. Track projects and build alignment on your team each day.


Step 2: Run Weekly Check-ins

SmartOKR helps your team plan and share daily statuses or weekly updates through check-ins so that everyone remains in sync and aware of what’s happening. Build aligment between members and identify blockers. Gain better insights but have fewer meetings.


Step 3: Measure progress

Escape from pointless meetings.

No more tapping on shoulders, SmartOKR takes care of sending reminders when progress updates are due.

It takes just a few minutes for your team to check in and your goals are always up to date.


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